Bridging the Divide: Amplifying Latino & Moderate Voices across New Mexico


Bridging the Gaps, Uniting the Diversity

At the New Mexico Project, we are driven by the belief that a vibrant and inclusive democracy is built on the active participation of diverse voices, especially those from the Latino community and Moderate perspectives. Our mission is to ensure that these vital voices are heard and influential at every level of our state governance, from local municipalities to the roundhouse. We stand apart from partisan divides, focusing on elevating those caught between the progressive left and the far right.

Empowering Latino & Moderate Voices

Through targeted outreach and strategic communication, we amplify the balanced perspectives of New Mexico's diverse Latino community, ensuring their vital voices are heard and influential at all levels of government.

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Bridging Latino & Moderate Voices

By fostering constructive dialogue and finding common ground, we work to bridge the gaps between political extremes, creating a more inclusive and collaborative political landscape for all New Mexicans.


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Inclusive Community Engagement

We are committed to engaging with the full breadth of New Mexico's Latino communities, honoring the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and viewpoints that make our state uniquely vibrant and representative.

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Advocating for Key Priorities

Through policy advocacy and community-driven initiatives, we address critical issues such as healthcare access, educational equity, public safety, and economic prosperity, empowering the moderate Latino community to shape a brighter future for New Mexico. 

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New Mexican Voters

Latino's Are The Majority

New Mexico is a majority minority state and represents the future of what the national electorate will become.

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How non-hispanic white voters identify

New Mexico’s non-Hispanic white voters span the political spectrum.

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Hispanic Voter Landscape

2020 Hispanic Registered Voters

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Total Hispanic Voter Turnout

Total Voter Turnout

Age Distribution

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Political Party

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Hispanic Population By County

Key Insights

Hispanic Population Concentration: Counties like Doña Ana, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, and Mora have high percentages of Hispanic population, exceeding 60% in many instances, however, a smaller population.

Regional Disparities: Disparities exist in Hispanic population percentages across counties, reflecting historical settlement patterns and economic factors. For instance, Bernalillo and Santa Fe hover around the state average, while San Juan and McKinley show lower percentages.

Electoral Implications: Engaging with Hispanic communities, especially in counties with sizable populations like Bernalillo, Santa Fe, Sandoval and Doña Ana, is crucial for political success. Tailored strategies are needed to resonate with the diverse perspectives within these communities.

Future Trends: The Hispanic population in New Mexico has grown by 23% between 2010 and 2020, indicating its increasing influence on the state’s political and social landscape.

Understanding the demographic distribution of the Hispanic population is essential for effective policymaking and community engagement across New Mexico.

Together, we can shape the future of our state - but we need your support.

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